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NINE Nuclear and INdustrial Engineering Srl is an Italian limited company. Founded in 2011 by senior members of GRNSPG - Nuclear Research Group of San Piero a Grado (University of Pisa, Italy), NINE is strongly connected with the academic environment, being active (among other things) in the field of research in nuclear safety technology.

The members of the Company enjoy the collaboration of Professors, Researchers and recognized International Experts and share with them a long lasting experience in the area of accident analysis in water cooled nuclear reactors.

The mission of NINE is to acquire, develop, share and apply nuclear power plant technology knowledge to ensure to its partners a safe and cost-effective use of nuclear energy.

The vision of NINE is to be worldwide recognized and respected as one of the references for Technical Supporting Organizations of the nuclear power industry and addressing Nuclear Reactor Safety issues that require R & D.

To pursue its vision, several activities have been conducted by NINE with different international customers such as Rolls Royce, China Nuclear Power Engineering, ENEL, etc. Such activities embrace the key fields related with the Nuclear Reactor Safety including advanced training on the same topics. Top international meetings, seminars and conferences have been organized by NINE, also in cooperation with UNIPI.

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It is a common goal for all the leaders and professionals working in the field of energy, people interested in energy industry and students having the goal of becoming an energy engineer, that the future generation of engineers possess an overview – both on theoretical and practical level – of the past, present and the probable future of this complex and diversified discipline. These ideas are proposed by the Student Association of Energy.

The Student Association of Energy was founded on the 17th October 2002 in Budapest, Hungary, with the support of the Hungarian Electrotechnical Association (MEE), the Hungarian Scientific Society of Energy Economics (ETE) and the Hungarian Energy Society (MET), and with the cooperation of students of electrical and mechanical engineering.

The Association is operating on the campus of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, with support from the Department of Electric Power Engineering (Faculty of Electric Engineering and Information Technology) and from the Department of Energy Engineering (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering). The Association is organizing a variety of events almost every week in a semester, covering all the diverse aspects of the energy industry. Our activities include lectures, site visits to power plants and other facilities, panel discussions on key issues, and taking in part in initatives seeking to arise the interest of the general public towards the field of energy itself. The lecturers we invite are the most experienced and recognized professionals of their field, thereby ensuring that the programs are up-to-date with the continuously developing technologies and changing economic background.

Perhaps the largest achievement of SAE is bringing the IYCE conference series to life: ever since 2007, SAE is proud to stand behind this constantly evolving accomplishment, the first of its kind in the region, and is looking to forward to organizing a truly memorable event in 2015 as well.

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