Hungary is situated in Central Europe. It occupies a territory of about 93 000 square kilometers and the population is about 10 million people. Hungary is bordered by Slovakia on the north, by Ukraine on the north-east, by Romania on the east, by Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia on the south, and by Austria on the west. Hungary is a member of EU, UN and NATO. The country can be divided into three large sections: Transdanubia, Danube–Tisza Interfluve, and the Great Plain. The capital city of Hungary is Budapest, situated on the two banks of Danube.

Hungary is in the temperate zone and has a continental climate. This means that the weather is quite easily predictable and there are big differences between the weather of different seasons influenced by both moderate maritime and mild Mediterranean influences.

Hungary is one of the thirty most popular tourist destinations of the world. The country is the home of the largest water cave system and the second largest thermal lake (Lake Hévíz) in the world. The largest lake in Central Europe (Lake Balaton), and the largest natural grasslands in Europe (Hortobágy) are also in the country. There are a lot of entertainment and cultural facilities offered, numerous programs are organized all over the country to entertain guests - such as concerts, folklore and art festivals, historical castle-games, sport programs, exhibitions and expos. Last but not least, Hungary has the most beautiful women in the world.

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