The Student Association of Energy was founded on the 17th October, 2002, with the support of the Scientific Society of Energy Economics (ETE), the Hungarian Electrotechnical Association (MEE) and the Hungarian Energy Association (MET), and based on the co-operation of students of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.
Our activities include lectures, larger forums and factory visits on a weekly basis, with which we wish to provide an opportunity to acquire knowledge beyond normal BSc or MSc syllabus to anyone who is interested. The lecturers we invite are the most experienced and recognized professionals of their field, thereby ensuring that the programs are up-to-date with the continuously developing technology and changing economic background.
We promote and initiate connections between talented students and the leading companies in the field of energy. We mediate summer internships, provide opportunity for companies to introduce themselves, give lectures and publish job opportunities. In co-operation with the University staff, organizing the completion of engineering tasks in form of individual students' projects is also possible.
To strengthen our international relations, in 2006 we have founded the Hungarian Student Chapter of the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE), an international organization in the field of energy management. As recognition of our work, we received the Best Student Chapter prize at the World Energy Engineering Congress, the main event of the organization in Atlanta (2007) and again in Washington (2008). After the Washington congresses of 2009 and 2010, we were honored to be able to send our representatives to Chicago to receive the prize in 2011, together with the "Best Newsletter International 2011" recognition.
Also in 2007 - the first – and in 2009 – the second - International Youth Conference on Energetics took place in Budapest, hosted by us. Continuing the growing tradition, the "3rd International Youth Conference on Energetics 2011" has been organized, this time in Leiria (Portugal), in cooperation with the local Polytechnic Institute of Leiria (IPL).
The Student Association of Energy was proud to present the establishment of the "IEEE Budapest University of Technology & Economics Joint Student Branch Chapter of the Industry Applications and the Power & Energy Societies". The first success of the Student Branch Chapter is that in honor of the work carried out in 2009 the Chapter has received the "IAS Outstanding Student Branch Chapter 2010" award. The award was presented to our representatives at the IAS Annual Meeting in Houston. In 2011, the Branch Chapter has been awarded again, this time recognizing our activity with the "IAS Continued Outstanding Performance Student Branch Chapter 2011" prize, while our website was awarded 1st prize at the "IAS CMD Chapter Web Contest".

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