Plenary speakers

The Organizing Committee is highly devoted to bring in extraordinary people on the conference, hence setting the underlying tone and highlighting the core message of the field of energy today with the words of widely recognized characters.

The process of their invitation is ongoing, and we are eager to announce them in the moment of their final response!


The Chair is committed to create an easy-to-follow schedule that is professionally remarkable, exciting, and would also leave you some time for making long-term connections.

The overall program of IYCE’19 is yet to be announced, and it will not differ any from those in previous years in terms of its variety!


As on all of the previous IYCEs, the Organizing Committee is making great efforts to put together an outstanding technical program. It will include several sessions on energy-related hot topics from notable people, round table discussions, a site visit, and some other astonishing events that we will be soon sharing with our participants!


Those of you who have already been to one of the IYCEs, know that one key specialty of our conference is that aside from keeping the professional standards high, we lay great emphasis on making these few days memorable on a social level as well.

Brace yourselves for 2019, because we are preparing some awesome and “electrifying” social events, in order to offer you opportunities to connect with likeminded people, and at last, but not least - to feel yourselves great!