Full paper submission

15th February 2024

Notification on acceptance

31st March 2024

Final paper submission

31st May 2024

Full papers can be submitted until the submission deadline without prior abstract submission.*

*We reserve the right to reject full papers for being out of the scope of the conference.


1. Sources & Production

Alternative fuels

Conventional sources

Energy storage

Nuclear fission, fusion & techniques

Power plants & heat engines

Renewable energy

Thermodynamics & thermohydraulics

2. Transmission & Consumers

Electrical machines & drives

High voltage technology & dielectrics

Power electronics and quality

Power systems

Smart technologies & applications

Transportation & e-mobility

3. Interdisciplinary topics

Asset management & diagnostics

Energy economics & markets

Energy policies & trends

Energy regulations

Energy transition & flexibility

Life cycle managment & case studies

Security of supply

4. Environment & Sustainability 

Combustion & emission control

Energy in buildings

Energy management

Energy supply & efficiency

Environmental impact & pollution

Process & chemical engineering

Sustainable technology

5. Digitalization in Energy

A.I. in energy sector

Energy forecast possibilites

Microgrid control

DeepL in energy sector

Data science and cybersecurity

Distributed generation management

IoT in energy sector

Honorary Chair

Dr. Bálint Németh

Head of Supervisory Board, Student Association of Energy
Head of High Voltage Laboratory, Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Honorary Co-Chairs

Dr. Attila Aszódi
Dean of Faculty of Natural Sciences, Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Dr. Albin Zsebik
Founder Professor, Student Association of Energy

Dr. József Ladányi
Head of Department of Electric Power Engineering, Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Dr. Pascal Lorenz
University of Haute Alsace; Webmaster and Vice-Treasurer of France Section, Institution of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Dr. Ing. Péter Magyar
CMD Past Chair of Industry Applications Society, Institution of Electrical and Electronics Engineers


Dr. Richárd Cselkó
Vice-head of High Voltage Laboratory, Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Zoltán Czinege
President of Hungary Chapter, Association of Energy Engineers


Scientific Committee

Organizing Committee

László Székely
General Chair 

Kristóf P. Juhász
Technical Program Chair

Zsófia L. Bangó
Publicity Chair  

András Keöves

Botond Ilyés
Internal Matters Chair

Ildikó Troll
Organizing Committee Member 

Bence Á. Kovács
Organizing Committee Member 

Kévin Hérissé
Local Organizing Committee Member 

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